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Fazoli's dinner band fund raiser.............

Fazoli's dinner band fund raiser......

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Third Grade Field Trip

Third Grade Field Trip

Third Grade Field Trip

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Community Drop Off Centers

It will be the responsibility of the parents to pick their child up from the centers. If you are picking your child up at school, please be here by 4:50, otherwise, your child will be placed on the bus.

*These are approximate times.
Olive Branch    5:10     Assembly of God Church
Tamms              5:10     Butcher Block
Sandusky         5:15     Barn or Old Store
Thebes             5:20     Old School or Housing
Hodges Park    5:20     Nearest Road to the Highway
Unity                 5:20     Nearest Road to the Highway
Elco                  5:30     Old Post Office
*Note:  Appropriate student behavior in class and on the bus is expected.  If behavior becomes a problem, the student will not be allowed to attend future tutoring sessions.
Please call 776-5251 with any questions.
We look forward to a successful year.

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