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Dear Parents:

We developed our pick-up line for your convenience when picking up your child(ren) each evening. Your pick-up number helps the line move more quickly but it also insures that we are releasing the child to a person that is approved by you. Therefore for the safety of your child, whoever is picking them up MUST have the school issued pick-up number.  Please let everyone who may pick your child up know that without this number the child will not be released to them. They will then have to come to the office to verify that they are on the child’s pick up list. If you need more copies of your number we will be happy to get them to you.

The form you signed to obtain your pick-up number states that if you are not here when it is time to release buses that your child will be placed on the bus. We try to contact parents before we do that, but please be advised we do not have the staff to supervise children who are not picked up, therefore they will be put on the bus.

 If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 618-776-5251.

Thank you for helping us maintain an efficient and safe Pick up Line.

Bret Gowin, Principal