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After School Programs

After School Programs 

Egyptian School District offers many different programs once the regular school day has ended.  Students have different options each session.  Tutoring is always present, but we have offered everything from cooking and calisthenics to acting and art.    


It will be the responsibility of the parents to pick their child up from the centers. If you are picking your child up at school, please be here by 4:20, otherwise, you child will be placed on the bus.  (These are approximate times.)


 Olive Branch  4:40  Assenbly of God Church
 Tamms  4:40  Butcher Block
 Sandusky  4:45  Davie Rd. & Rte. 127
 Thebes  4:50  Old Rte. 3 & Rte. 3
 Hodges Park  4:50  Nearest road to the highway
 Unity  4:50  Nearest road to the highway
 Elco  5:00  
Note: Appropriate student behavior in class and on the bus is expected. If behavior becomes a problem, the student will not be allowed to attend after school activities.
Please call (618) 776-5251 if you have any questions.